Who Are We Not a Fit For

There are many clients we are grateful for the opportunity to help with their marketing and advertising needs. And they are generally very happy. But, there are some clients that just aren’t a good fit for us. We have put together this list of reasons why we don’t consider you a good fit for us.

  1. Clients who treat suppliers/partners with disrespect.
  2. Clients who are abusive, insulting, violent, destructive, menacing, or harassing or if any party acting on behalf of a client will act in this way.
  3. Clients who pay invoices chronically late with no thought as to how it impacts our ability to help you.
  4. Clients who expect us to work for free/spec or, to reduce our rates on the promise of future work.
  5. Clients who would ask us to make illegal, immoral or, unethical deals.
  6. Clients who do not expect us to give our honest opinion about something we are doing.
  7. Clients who expect us to always say, “Yes”.
  8. Clients who engage in illegal activity.

If any of these reasons apply to you, we probably aren’t a good fit for you.