Our Approach

Why People Click works with you to develop a comprehensive approach to your marketing. We've developed a three-phase model...  Attract, PersuadeConvert


Whatever your brand message and business objective you want to attract the right prospect at the right time. This can be through a combination of proven methods including:


In the persuade phase of our methodology, we build trust with the prospective customer/donor. We accomplish this through numerous trust-building actions and social proof.

It is essential to move the acquired visitor to the persuade phase to set the stage for a future phase. Some business work on an immediate persuade-to-convert basis, while others have a more complex persuasion phase. What the persuasion phase is not is anything that would not build trust... like a less than moral appeal or, untrue statement.


In the convert phase, we utilize the trust built in the persuade phase to bring the prospect to an action.

Whatever goal you have...purchase, subscribe, donate, volunteer or, download there are ways to make these next steps online easy and more intuitive. And the work you do to make this easy, the more likely someone will convert.

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