4-11-2014 RoundUp: AdWords & Twitter Ads

Our weekly roundup of things clicking on the interwebs in SEO, paid search, social and more.

‘Not Provided’ In AdWords Just a Rumor

Google has been cracking down on who can access search query data for several years now in a few ways – enforcing terms of service on how the data may be used, and limiting access to a smaller number of third-party vendors who implement a required minimum functionality (RMF). Basically, in order to have access to the query data, you need to be a legit software company that has built a functioning AdWords management platform. Article: Rumors of ‘Not Provided’ In AdWords Unfounded: Paid Search Query Data Is Not Dead

New Search Options on Twitter

This week Twitter added few more search filters with searches for Timelines & Lists  Article: Twitter Quietly Adds Search for Timelines & Lists

More Ads Coming to Twitter?

According to the Wall St. Journal, Twitter is planning to rollout at least 15 new types of ads.  Article: Coming to Your Twitter Feed: 15 New Types of Ads

4-4-2014 Roundup: App Indexing, Google AdBirds

Our weekly roundup of things clicking on the interwebs in SEO, paid search, social and more.

Google Rolling Out App Indexing

Looks like Google is now indexing the content of your mobile apps posted to Google Play and adding it to the search results worldwide. Do you have a mobile app content marketing strategy? Might be time to start thinking about one.
ArticleGoogle App Indexing Adds 24 Android Apps & Expands To All English Content Worldwide

Paid Search Got a New Option for April Fool’s

Did you try Google’s AdBirds?

Bing Releases Knowledge Widgets

As Bing describes it as, “JavaScript-based widget for webmasters that detects and visualizes entities on the webpage and displays rich information about the entity. It provides your visitors with quick access to relevant information about the entities on the page, and keeps them engaged, entertained, and informed within the context of your webpage.”  The team here at Why People Click wonders what this will do for bounce rate and site engagement for publishers and bloggers. ArticleAnnouncing Bing Knowledge Widget & App Linking