Copywriting, Blog Writing & More

Copywriting That Makes an Impact

Copywriting and blog writing services from the writers at Why People Click is a great way to create content that is both useful and engaging to your clients and prospects.

If you’re looking to create useful and engaging content that can attract and engage readers while promoting a product or service, consider our copywriting services. 

Our copywriting services encompass a variety of content creation options, such as SEO copywriting, social media content, advertising copy, content creation, email newsletters, press releases, blog posts, lead magnet downloadables and quizzes.

Writing for Your Unique Audience

Copywriting and blog writing services involve creating content that is designed to attract and engage prospective clients, while also providing useful information and promoting a product or service. Our writing services are most often utilized for websites, newsletters, social media, speeches,  and video scriptwriting.

Copywriting, Blog Writing & More

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Copywriting

SEO copywriting is a type of copywriting that is designed to help improve a website's search engine rankings. SEO copywriting involves researching keywords and phrases that are relevant to the topic. Our SEO copywriting services can also involve optimizing images, videos, and other media assets to help improve search engine rankings.

Advertising Copywriting

Advertising copywriting involves creating content that is designed to attract attention and persuade potential customers to make a purchase. Advertising copywriting includes creating content for print and digital advertisements including billboards, flyers, and online ads for PPC campaigns.

Press Release & Editorial Content

Press releases help promote a product or service. Press release writing involves creating press releases to attract attention and generate interest in a product or service. This type of writing can also involve creating content for print and digital publications, such as newspapers and magazines.

Speech Writing

Speech writing involves creating a speech that is tailored to you, the company executive or leader. With Why People Click’s speech writers we capture your personality and message while making it interesting and engaging for your audience. In addition, we work to craft the speech in a way that is easy to deliver and understand as well.

Website Content Writing

Wether you are revamping an existing site or, launching a new product or service the content creators at Why People Click will leverage their expertise to craft the content for your business.

Social Media Copywriting

Social media copywriting is designed to gain attention and help promote a product or service on social media platforms. Social media copywriting involves creating content that is engaging and shareable, such as posts, images, and videos.

Email Newsletter Copy

Email newsletter copy is a type of copywriting that is designed to help promote a product or service via email newsletters. Email newsletter copy involves creating content, sourcing or creating images that inform your subscribers.

Lead Magnet Downloadables

Lead magnet writing is a type of copywriting that is designed to help generate leads for a product or service. Lead magnet writing can include creating ebooks, white papers, and other downloadable content along with an attractive layout of the content.

Video Scriptwriting

Video scriptwriting is a process of creating a script for a video, or other type of performance. At Why People Click we create a story that is interesting and engaging for your prospects and clients. And also write dialogue that is believable and that flows naturally.

Case Study Writing

Show your prospective clients proof of your competency and creative work. Case studies go a long way to showcasing your core services and results.

Why People Click + Content = Your Business Success

Benefits to hiring Why People Click as your copywriting resource include:

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