SEO for Dentists and Dental Practices

Online at this very moment, there are patients searching for the dental care services you offer.

The Importance of Patients Finding your Practice Through Search Engines

It is extremely important that patients searching for your website are able to find it through search engines. If your website is not on page one of Google search results, you will not get someone to click to your website. There are over 200 factors Google takes into account when determining where to rank your website.Why People Click specializes in building custom websites that are calibrated for search engine algorithms and will help you achieve the highest search engine rankings. Let us help you achieve your goals with:

Improve Your Practice's Google Search Engine Ranking

Want to get your dental practice found on page one of Google and other search engine results? Why People Click will improve your search engine rankings, so you are holistically positioned on page one for your competitive region. We accomplish this through a combination of strategic efforts.

Patients are searching every day online for dental practices in your area. If you’re not appearing on page one of organic search engine results, then you’re probably not being found at all. And while some people may scroll to page two and fewer to page three of search results, most typically don’t look beyond the first page. That’s because patients automatically believe that the best dental offices are found at the top of organic search results.

Today’s Highly Competitive Dental Practice Environment

In today’s highly competitive dental practice environment, you must establish a reputable online presence in order to grow your existing practice. That means you need a high-quality dental website with in-depth pages and valuable online reviews that help Google and other search engines rank your website on page one for search engine results. And we’ll help you back that up with other comprehensive marketing efforts to create an all-inclusive dental marketing campaign.

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