Digital Marketing for Lawyers & Law Practices

Digital Marketing for Lawyers and Law Practices. Attract More Clients to Your Law Practice and Build Your Authority as A Lawyer.

Web Design and WordPress Development for Lawyers

Lawyer web design is in high demand and a great way for any lawyer office to market their practice online. At Why People Click, we offer lawyer web design and WordPress development services that will get new clients coming through your doors! Our team of talented designers will create a brand-new website tailored to your practice that looks great on every device. Web design for lawyers has never been easier thanks to our amazing WordPress development services. If you’re thinking about getting a new website for your law practice, contact us today! 

The Ideal Lawyer Web Design Is One that Looks Nice

The ideal lawyer web design is one that looks nice, is easy for clients to navigate (without being confusing), and conveys important information including contact information, hours of operation, payment and treatment options.

Website design for law practices should be customized so that it conveys what sets your practice apart from others. Our team of talented designers has years of experience creating beautiful, functional lawyer websites that fit your brand perfectly. Our WordPress development services will give your practice the edge. Get started today!

The features we provide for lawyers include:

Custom Responsive Website

Mobile Design Optimized

Online Billing

Client Testimonials

Custom Treatment Content

Online Appointment Request

Client Forms

Live Chat

SEO Services for Law Practices

Online at this very moment, there are clients searching for the lawyer services you offer. It is extremely important that people searching for your website are able to find it through search engines. If your website is not on page one of Google search results, you will not get someone to click to your website. There are over 200 factors Google takes into account when determining where to rank your website. Why People Click specializes in building custom websites that are calibrated for search engine algorithms and will help you achieve the highest search engine rankings. Let us help you achieve your goals with:

The features we provide for lawyers include:

Keyword Research

Keyword Monitoring

Competitor Analysis

Off-Site Optimization

Conversion Optimization


PPC Campaign Management for Lawyers & Lawyer Practices

PPC is one of the core digital marketing services we offer to ensure your lawyer practice is found.

The features we provide for lawyers include:

Keyword Research


PPC Campaign Management

Ad Content Writing & Revising

A/B Testing

Bid Strategy


Landing Page Optimization

Google Ads Reporting with Conversion Tracking

Why Lawyers Choose Our Digital Marketing Agency

Since 2014, Why People Click has been helping lawyers grow their law practices.

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