Google Analytics Consulting

It’s hard to know exactly, without looking at your Google Analytics setup and talking to you about your needs and goals.

Tracking the Knowable, Turning It Into Action

Are you measuring your website visitor behavior and outcomes of your marketing efforts? Website analytics will help you :

  • Make better business decisions
  • Gain new insights into what’s happening with your prospects and customers on your website.
  • Add intelligence to your marketing budget and strategy.

Google Analytics Reporting

Do you have Google Analytics installed on your site? Have you ever seen a report from it? Google Analytics is a robust analytics platform. But, it does require some experience to set it up correctly.

What Do We Typically Find?

  • Improperly implemented Google Analytics  tracking code.
  • Non-existent website goals or, website goals that don’t align with business objectives.
  • No time spent discovering the business drivers and how the website supports these drivers.

Our analytics framework uncovers what drives your business and how this maps to website goals. In addition, our implementation methodology ensures that tracking is installed correctly on your website.

What Does It Cost?

As a first step, we like to have a brief call with you and we ask you to invite us to your Google Analytics account to check things over. Then, we have an idea of what’s involved.

If you happen to be running BigTree Restaurant Delivery Service software we’ve done this work a few times and have developed some pricing.

Work With Our Google Analytics Consultants

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