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Quickly drive high quality traffic to your website with our paid advertising services. Why People Click helps businesses in Greensboro and beyond with PPC advertising.

Get Your PPC Ads in Front of People.

Once you have your budget and goals in place, it’s time to start thinking about how you will get your PPC ads (also called Pay Per Click advertising) in front of people. It can be tough to just dive right into managing these ads yourself, so for most business owners it makes sense to hand that off. We can manage your PPC ads for you so you don’t have to worry about all the details. 

As your PPC Agency we can also provide more advanced features like retargeting and remarketing. These are super valuable tools for getting people back on your site after they visit but haven’t made a purchase yet. That’s what remarketing is all about—showing people ads for whatever it is they were just shopping for! 


Retargeting (the art of showing visitors an ad as they browse around other sites) can be especially effective because it allows you to tailor your ads specifically to fit whatever someone was interested in when they were on your site. So if someone visited your page about red sweaters last week and then ends up browsing sweaters on Facebook today, you could show them an ad for red sweaters again!

Google Ads is One Popular PPC Option Worth Looking Into.

Google’s PPC ads give small businesses access to some very helpful tracking and reporting tools that allow you to figure out which ads are working best at driving conversions. The only downside? You may find yourself struggling to keep up with all there is to learn about running successful paid search campaigns. This isn’t really surprising though, since Google Ads has been honed over 17 years by marketers who know what they’re doing! If spending hours learning how PPC works sounds daunting and like something you’d rather not do, remember we have our experts here who can handle things for you. 

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