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    How Why People Click Can Get Your Appointment Calendar Full

    Most dentists choose their profession because of an internal passion. And while you may be enthusiastic about providing dentistry services, you’ve most likely become a business owner out of necessity.

    Managing your own dental practice means you have to do a lot more than seeing patients. And in this digital age, you must do a lot more legwork to both get new patients in the door and maintain a healthy, thriving practice. So, how do you do all of that and still have one-on-one contact with your existing patients?

    By hiring internal office staff and enlisting industry experts to put their knowledge and experience to work for you!

    Why People Click has carved out a profitable dental digital marketing strategy to help dentist practices like yours expand their reach and grow their business so you can Attract, Persuade & Convert. Our comprehensive marketing efforts for dental offices have proven effective in attracting more potential patients while keeping existing dental patients returning for regular appointments. We start by discussing your goals, identifying your target market, and coordinating and testing a marketing effort to help reach your objectives.

    Why People Click provides the following comprehensive digital marketing methods to dentists in North Carolina and beyond.

    • Improve Google search engine ranking.
    • Consult on and evaluate Google Analytics data.
    • Ensure an accurate Google My Business page.
    • Coordinate email marketing efforts.
    • Grow your current email address list.
    • Design dental websites and provide content.
    • Manage and launch online ads (Google AdWords, Facebook ads, etc.).
    • Provide original, unique blog articles, dental website content, etc.
    • Boost direct mail results.
    • Deliver dental marketing ideas.
    • Help brand your dental practice.
    • Increase new dental patients.
    • Multiply online reviews.
    • Encourage partner referrals.
    • Create promotional giveaway items & logo merchandise.
    • Strategize, plan, and manage all social media marketing.
    • And more!

    Improve Your Google Search Engine Ranking

    Want to get your dentist practice found on page one of Google and other search engine results? Why People Click will improve your search engine rankings, so you are holistically positioned on page one for your competitive region. We accomplish this through a combination of strategic efforts.

    Patients are searching every day online for dental practices in your area. If you’re not appearing on page one of organic search engine results, then you’re probably not being found at all. And while some people may scroll to page two and fewer to page three of search results, most typically don’t look beyond the first page. That’s because patients automatically believe that the best dental offices are found at the top of organic search results.

    In today’s highly competitive dental practice environment, you must establish a reputable online presence in order to grow your existing practice. That means you need a high-quality dental website with in-depth pages and valuable online reviews that help Google and other search engines rank your website on page one for search engine results. And we’ll help you back that up with other comprehensive marketing efforts to create an all-inclusive dental marketing campaign.

    Manage and Launch Online Ads

    Digital media and ad buying are a primary way to reach new patients and grow your practice. If someone is searching for a local dentist, you can appear in an ad in their immediate search results and/or as an advertisement on other websites they visit in the coming days. Online advertisements through Google AdWords, Facebook ads, and other venues, give you the opportunity to repeatedly reach potential patients.

    • Online Retargeting
    • Behavioral Targeting
    • Mobile App Advertising
    • Domain Targeting
    • Video Pre-Roll
    • Geo-Fencing
    • Geo-Targeting
    • IP Targeting
    • Reverse Mobile ID Targeting
    • Google AdWords
    • Social Media Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)

    Strategize, Plan, and Manage Social Media Marketing

    It’s not enough anymore just to have a pretty website. You also need to be active in social media circles. In fact, many patients will look at your social media posts first—before they visit your dental website. A current and active social media feed lets your patients know that you stay up to date on advancements in dental patient care and the latest studies and equipment, and that you value them enough to keep them informed.


    Why People Click can help develop your dental marketing strategy through strong social content, determine where your presence would be best applied, and create a digital publishing calendar so you’ll always know what to expect.

    We can manage the following social media channels for you.

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest
    • Snapchat
    • Tumbler
    • And more!
    houston symmes

    "Since using Why People Click for our SEO and Adwords provider we have experienced a significant increase in new patients from Google/internet searches. Highly recommended!"
    Houston Symmes, DDS, Peace Haven Family Dentistry

    Leverage Your Email Marketing to Maximize Results

    Email marketing is another essential way to reach your current and potential patients. If you can get in your patients’ inboxes, then you’ve commanded an important piece of their digital real estate.

    Why People Click understands the necessary efforts to grow your dentistry practice from one dentist to two dentists, three dentists or more. By capturing more email addresses at the right time and leveraging them to delivery quality, trusted content, you begin to establish an ongoing relationship with your patients beyond their office visit.

    Stay top of mind and keep patients informed of their dental health and your services. We can help you by providing quality articles and links that invite patients to visit and explore your website. The more they know about you, the more they will trust you with their ongoing care and dental needs.

    Boost Results from Direct Mail & Advertising

    It’s no secret that some of your competitors have abandoned the mailbox in their dental marketing efforts. That’s exactly why you need to be there. Mail and printed materials are not dead. And if your competitors aren’t doing it, then you won’t want to miss out on a prime opportunity to garner the full attention of your patients’ home mailboxes too.

    Mail services, such as Every Day Direct Mail (EDDM), help you target specific zip codes so that you can reach your preferred customer base. We can advise in the design, text, and printing of your postcard or other mailer. In addition to traditional mail efforts, Why People Click can also help you establish a presence by placing audio ads online through Spotify, Pandora, and iHeart Radio.

    Comprehensive Writing Services for Your Dental Practice

    Are you expanding your practice?

    Have you hired another dentist?

    Want to expand your reach?

    These are all excellent reasons to hire a dedicated writer. Why People Click offers professional writing experts to help brand your business and create original, unique content that won’t be used on any other website. Plus, you get the same writer every time. So, you’ll be assured that your content is written in the same consistent voice and style.

    Our writers help provide the following content to help establish you as an expert in your field.

    • Dental Website Content
    • Blog Articles
    • Press Releases
    • Dental Infographics
    • White Papers
    • Downloadables
    • Videos
    • Podcasts
    • And more!

    Why People Click is your trusted partner in dental marketing and business growth. We understand the intricacies of your business, and our aim is to help you thrive. Through our all-inclusive dental practice marketing plan, our customers have enjoyed success and upward expansion of their business and their customer base. Still not convinced? Here’s our guarantee.


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