Google Analytics for BigTree RDS Restaurant Delivery Software

You run your restaurant delivery service with BigTree® online ordering software for restaurants & dining delivery services. And you are busy.

But, you want to know more about your customers like:

  • Where do they come from?
  • Marketing tactics/sites that bring the best return?
  • What devices order the most?

With our custom Google Analytics Reporting for Big Tree RDS you'll know that and more including:

  • Cities driving the most & least orders
  • Online promotional tactics that are working and that can be improved
  • Where your customers are exiting during ordering
  • How many start the order process, how many exit and how many complete an order

How Does this Work?

  1. Give us Google Analytics Access.
    If you don't know how, we can help. If you do, we can get started even faster.
  2. Go to Work.
    We will analyze your Google Analytics setup, optimize and setup reports we developed just for BigTree owners like you.
  3. Completion & Joy.
    In 7 days our work will be complete with all the improvements. To wrap up the engagement, you’ll receive a 30 min call to discuss the work, new reports and what they mean.

What's Included?

Every Google Analytics Reporting for BigTree RDS includes the following:

  • Configuration of reporting
  • Custom dashboard creation
  • 30 minute follow-up call

$300 One-Time Fee

Get started on the road to becoming a smarter marketer and more profitable RDS operator. Contact us today

But,  I Want This + More!

Need more than just great reporting? Sure! We're happy to help. Whatever your online marketing need we've got you covered. Just get in touch with us.

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