The Three Most Common Google Ads Mistakes & How We Fix Them

There are several common areas where we are able to make an immediate impact in the performance of your Google AdWords account. Like anything, we've learned from experiences managing campaigns with thousands of dollars in budget and apply them to more campaigns just like yours.


Mistake #1: Too Many Keywords

There is a limit to the number of keywords should have in any ad group. By limiting and focusing the keywords you will wind up with more focused keywords that permit better targeting. This limits your ability to discern which keywords are generating the best traffic.

Mistake #2 Too Few Ads

We often find only one ad serving per ad group. We add in a few more which allows us to test ads. And we revise them on a regular basis to keep them fresh.

Mistake #3

Time and again we see no Google Analytics tracking set up. If you aren't tracking what your traffic does after clicking on your ad you are missing out on some insight and probably tossing some money the window.

Want to Correct These Mistakes?

We can help you correct these mistakes and tune your account for maximum exposure and impact. Check out our PPC services.

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