What Are the Risks of Search Engine Optimization?

There are some risks to search engine optimization and we hope that this information presented helps create awareness of what might be considered risky search engine optimization.

White Hat or Black Hat?

Some companies employ what is known in the industry as Black Hat tactics to gain search rank. These are attempts to "game" the search engines. The tactics are usually completely prohibited by statements from the search engines and the specialists who study the search engines.

These tactics are most often used to change position quickly. And it often does. But, what often happens just as quickly is a fall in rankings.  And on top of that, your website might suffer a type of banishment from the search rankings.

If That is Black Hat, What is White Hat?

In White Hat SEO we do everything in line with what is known about Search Engine Optimization to bring about the best, long-lasting results. We do not knowingly take any shortcut that would put your business in jeopardy. We study the latest research and stay alert to what is said by search engine employees at search engine conferences and tradeshows. We constantly test emerging approaches and new technologies that make your website "search engine friendly". And, we do all of it with an eye towards your customer and staying in the search engine's good graces.

So, how do you minimize your risks in search engine optimization?

Work with a company that adheres to ethical, white hat SEO and states that their approach is 100% white hat. Ask to see some examples of work. Review what their clients have said about their work.

In the end, you should be happy with working with your search engine optimization company. And you should be assured that they are doing "good" work on your behalf.

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"Why People Click has been a great asset to my company with our internet marketing. Their task was to re-work our website to maximize our local search engine optimization and to manage our Google Adwords account. Even with the short time that they were able to work with us (re: my business being sold) we have seen our organic position on Google search climb to the first page with several keywords in the top 5 positions. We also experienced an increase in time spent on site and customers requesting initial sales calls. As far as Adwords, we instantly saved money from their recommendations and increased our traffic and leads through different campaigns they created. I would highly recommend Why People Click to anyone seeking web marketing that makes a site easy for customers to find and respond to."
John Runyan, Owner of Deep River Closet Designs

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