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Our WordPress Websites Are Not Just User-Friendly And Easy To Navigate But Also Rank High And Convert Well.

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Why People Click understands the importance of having a website that makes it easier for people to be your customers and help achieve your goals. That’s why we customize our WordPress development services to each individual client, ensuring that your website engages with your prospects and drives them to become customers. Our WordPress designers and developers can create a modern, attractive website that reflects your values,brand and is set up for optimum new customer acquisition.

WordPress Web Design and Development Services

Mobile-First Web Design

Our designers focus on smaller screens just as much as larger monitors to make your website right for everyone.

WooCommerce Development

We build beautiful WooCommerce, eCommerce, and product pages that wow clients and win more business (and share of wallet).

Third Party Tool Integrations

When your business tools are properly integrated you can rest easy knowing that your website will work at optimum capacity.

Analytics and Conversion Tracking

We work with our clients on their analytical tracking data ( usually Google Analytics) and conversion tracking in order to measure and deliver quantifiable success.

Cross Device and Browser Testing

We make sure your website works great on all devices and browsers.

Website Accessibility and ADA Compliance

Having a website that is ADA compliant and easy for all people to use, is crucial to avoiding customer complaints and ADA lawsuits.

HIPAA Website Development Compliance

For any business that handles protected health information, being HIPAA compliant is vital to your business success.

Mobile Ready

A website that automatically adapts and re-sizes to laptops, tablets, and smartphone devices using responsive web design is a standard for today’s companies.

Core Web Vitals Optimization

Core Web Vitals are designed to measure a website’s interaction capability, user experience (UX), and Google has focused more on these metrics in determining ranking in search. On top of that, if your website has UX or load issues your leads and potential new customers will leave and go to your competitors.

Website Speed Optimization, Testing, and Monitoring

When you’re searching for a service or product online, a sluggish website is a huge turn-off to prospective clients and customers.When your website is fast your potential clients and customers will be more likely to stay on site longer, become and customer or client, and be happier throughout the experience of visiting your website. The fact is, faster websites rank higher on search engines like Google.

WordPress Benefits

Not only do we offer comprehensive WordPress website design and development, but we’ll also give you the tools you need to edit and add pages as you see fit, publish blogs, and view your site’s contact form submissions. Our thorough WordPress training will help you manage your new website with ease and confidence while simplifying your processes.

Easy to Use

Enables users at different skill levels to update content and publish new content and images.

SEO Friendly

Built-in SEO functionality will boost your website’s visibility in the search results.


We’ll customize your website using standards based technology including HTML5, CSS3, and plugins.

Need a New Look for Your Site?

Want one that is easy to self-manage and easy to update the look of? WordPress is our speciality! We work with you to develop a site that your customers will love! From our web design office in Greensboro we serve clients of all types. 

Looking for a Greensboro Web Designer?

Websites are more than brochures, they are the core of your online DNA. Social media outposts, email newsletters, pay per click advertising all lead back to one thing… your website. Give your web site the best possible design for your customers, prospects, and suppliers to engage with and to communicate your brand.

Our Web Design Approach

We approach web design like we do our other services. We start by understanding your business and customers. Other steps in the process could include:

  • Logo development
  • Customer research/profiling
  • Marketplace and competitor research

Why WordPress Web Design?

Well, there are lots of great ways to construct a website and after a decade tinkering behind some of the largest and smallest sites we picked WordPress for it's ease of use, vast developer support and extensive library of plugins to bring additional functionality.

Is WordPress Hard to Learn?

Not at all. If you are comfortable using Microsoft Word you will love using WordPress. And the framework we use on many our sites makes WordPress even easier (if that's possible)!

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