Google Analytics & Why It Is Important for Your Business


Google Analytics, you’ve heard the term, maybe even have access to account but, aren’t totally clear on what it is and how it can help your business. In this Online Marketing Foundations blog post, we’ll explain some of the benefits of using Google Analytics, explain why it’s important to your business and offer a few tips for using it to your strategic advantage.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics allows website owners to collect statistics on web site visits, sources of traffic and what visitors find most (and least) interesting on the site.

Some questions Google Analytics can answer include:

  • What referring website is the biggest source of leads/sales?
  • Is my Social Media having a positive impact?
  • Are website visitors encountering errors that prevent them from completing a form?
  • What page(s) do my visitors like most/least?
  • Why are my customer service agents getting calls about the website?

Why Is Goggle Analytics Important to Your Business?

Google Analytics allows you to look back so you can make better decisions going forward.
Track the website and the progress it is making to your business goals. Website analytics is like GPS for your website. Want to know more about where your website is headed? Contact us.

Google Analytics Tips

  1. Ensure it’s setup accurately – Far too often we find Google Analytics not implemented correctly or, worse… no web analytics setup on a site at all.
  2. Goals, goals, goals Goals in Google Analytics are a powerful tool in any marketer’s tool box. If you have an online store you can use Google Analytics to measure sales, shopping cart abandonment and more. If your a company is interested in leads, Google Analytics can tell you how well your latest lead nurturing campaign is working.
  3. Experiment: setup duplicate views within an account If you are going to make the most of your analytics you are going to want to experiment. The thing about experimenting is that you don’t want to do it with the single version of the data that is in your account. Making a duplicate view allows you to experiment on the copy and leave the original data untouched.

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