Five Things to Consider When Changing Your Corona Virus Cancelled Conference to a Virtual Event

Are you an event manager, promoter or event planner? Has your event been canceled due to concerns raised by the Carona virus? Have you moved (or are you planning to move) to a virtual event?

There are a few things you should do now to prepare for the transition.

  1. Get in contact with a virtual tradeshow service. Virtual Tradeshow Hosting is one vendor. Other options might include video conference calls, video chats, Facebook and or YouTube live streaming.
  2. After your date is locked in and service is set, send an email to your registration list (with any special instructions to register again). If at all possible reduce/eliminate as much friction to re-register. This might involve setting up a username and password for guests and inviting them to register via an invitation link. Look to do whatever you can to pre-populate their account/invitation.
  3. Do a little pre-work and check your Google Analytics to see what kind of impact your work is making. If you don’t have this or, another website analytics package it’s time to seriously consider implementing.
  4. Once registration is setup and your registered guests have started to onboard, announce the change on your blog, share on social media and send out via press release services. Don’t forget to overlook your registered guests and employees to share the virtual event across social as well.
  5. If you aren’t seeing a large number of previously registered attendees sign up for the virtual event. There are many ways of leveraging ads to reach out to previously registered guests and similar audiences. Get in touch with us.
  6. Bonus Tip: Give your internal staff a heads up on the latest information and what they can do to minimize the spread of the virus. Hand washing is key!

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