Why People Click Adds 360 Virtual Tours to Arsenal of Local Marketing Solutions for Asheboro Business

Why People Click Adds 360 Virtual Tours to Arsenal of Local Marketing Solutions for Triad Business

ASHEBORO — The same technology that made Google Street View possible has rolled out locally with a company that can create 3D virtual tours of building interiors.

Rob Ainbinder runs his marketing business, Why People Click but, a few months ago he decided to launch a virtual tour division, 360 Tour Pros. “A large number of local businesses already have websites and Facebook pages and are managing them well. We want to help these businesses stand out to customers in other creative ways,” says Ainbinder

“We photograph virtual tours of local businesses, and commercial properties,” Ainbinder said. “After we upload the tour to Google Maps, anyone can go online and see exactly what the building interior looks like. It takes the visitor inside the business before they ever get there. For Real Estate agents and property developers we use the same technology for tours of homes and commerical buildings but, privately host it for them to share exclusively on their preferred websites and within real estate listings.”

“The same technology that powers Google Street View outdoors is used inside,” Ainbinder said. “The technology is a just a few years old, so many local businesses are still looking at how they can utilize it. The 3-D virtual tour, once completed, is extremely detailed. The process begins with a specialized camera that takes the 360-degree photos.”

The camera is moved every five to 10 feet to include every space in the building. Once complete, the 3-D tour can be viewed from any angle.

“This technology is pretty new, but I see demand increasing as more people realize its benefits,” Ainbinder said. “We’d like to see every business in Asheboro and across the Triad region have a 3-D virtual tour of their buildings and be visible on Google Maps, that’s our goal.”

To learn more about the service visit the Google Streeview Tour page, call Why People Click at 336-303-1834 or, visit the service’s Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/360tourpros


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