10/5/14 Internet Marketing Roundup

Weekly Blog Round Up
Our weekly roundup of things clicking on the interwebs in SEO, paid search, web design, social and more from the lab techs at Why People Click.

The 6 Budget Factors of a Site-Redesign 

An average cost of a site redesign is more than $38,000, and brands must make sure that budget covers must-have items such as an improved content management system and responsive or other mobile-friendly designs, writes Chip Stevens. Also important are an architecture to handle new content types, a specific portion for User Experience/Usabaility and some funds for any maintenance costs that crop up. Read the entire article.
Source: Business 2 Community

LinkedIn: How to Avoid Being Banned When Connecting

Author Jeff Molander offers some advice on making the most of LinkedIn connections and his opinion on the role of LinkedIn in the sales cycle. Read the entire article.
Source: Target Marketing Magazine

Top 5 Presentation Mistakes to Avoid

Awesome content, polished delivery and great design are keys to a successful presentation. Avoid these common mistakes including proper stock images, bullet points and more. Read the entire article.
Source: SlideShare

Google Dynamic Remarketing Ad to Roll Out to Advertisers

Now AdWords advertisers can run dynamic retargeting campaigns within the platform. Advertisers create one ad that can be personalized automatically right when an ad impression is served. Read the entire article.
Source: MarketingLand

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