Why People Click Achieve Official Google Certified Partner Status

Firm Joins Elite List of Marketing Firms in the Triad, Exclusive Google Partner in Randolph, Montgomery, Davidson & Chatham Counties

ASHEBORO, NC – Why People Click, CEO, Rob Ainbinder announces that his internet marketing firm “has achieved official Google Certified AdWords Partner status and that we have worked hard to meet the qualifications to earn this distinction”.

What is a Google Certified AdWords Partner?

To become a Google Certified AdWords Partner we go through hours of training, passing multiple tests and prove our experience through managing our clients PPC accounts in line with Google’s best practices. By earning the Partner badge, Google states this shows that “our business is healthy, our clients are happy, and that we follow Google best practices”.

Why Should You Work with a Google Certified AdWords Partner?

As a Google Certified AdWords Partner, Why People Click can help when you don’t want to go it alone. We can set up, optimize and maintain your Google AdWords advertising. That means you’re free to spend more time actually working on your business. Hiring a Google Certified AdWords Partner to manage your AdWords account can help save you time and maximize your return on investment.


What Makes Why People Click Different from the Competition?

In order to remain a Google Certified AdWords Partner, we need to stay up to date on the latest Google tools and products by passing Google-administered certification exams every 18 months. In addition, we work directly with Google to receive access to the latest training and product updates in order to stay on top of what’s going on with Google. You can trust that we are constantly working to stay up to date to help your ads perform their best. As a Google Certified AdWords Partner we also adhere to Google’s Third Party Policy.

View our profile on the Google Partner site.

About Why People Click

Why People Click is a digital marketing agency that helps small to medium size businesses and nonprofits increase their effectiveness in reaching the right person at the right moment. We develop and implement marketing strategies that deliver results and increase customer satisfaction. On the web at www.whypeopleclick.com

Interested in learning more about Pay-Per-Click and would like to see how a Google AdWords campaign could benefit your company? Contact us.  We would be happy to put together a complimentary report that details the amount of traffic you could expect from a campaign based on different levels of ad spend.

5 Google AdWords Tips for Small Business

Adwords Tips for Businesses

We've been fortunate to earn the trust of a growing number of small businesses in the Greensboro area. With this trust comes the opportunity to review  their Google AdWords accounts. In some cases,  we've made immediate impact and in others we've helped them better understand the value of AdWords and Analytics working together.

We were reviewing an account of one business owner and explaining about the AdWords "Conversions" column. Goals setup in Google Analytics would flow through to AdWords so that you could better understand what was working and what was not. The proverbial light seemed to go on in their head!

As a result of this conversation, the lab techs here at Why People Click have compiled a list of five things SMBs (Small to Medium Businesses) can do to immediately improve the performance of their Google AdWords accounts.

  1. Set up Goals
    Goals in Google Analytics are any meaningful action a user can take on your website. For example: FIll out a contact form, complete a purchase, sign up for an email news letter.
  2. Target the Correct Trade Area
    There is good targeting available in Google AdWords and it's important to take into account both cities/states/zipcode to include as well as exclude.
  3. Select and Target the Right Keywords
    There are many ways to select and target keywords for your ads in Google AdWords. Some of the ways are covered in this Google support document.
  4. Write Enough Ads
    We generally like to see at least four ads per ad group. Why? This gives you a great way to test ad versions against each other.
  5. Monitor the Account
    This is probably the post important point. After goals have been setup, targeting is correct, ads have been created it's time to monitor your account. Check that click-through rates are good and that your ad groups are delivering on the established goals.

If this seems a little overwhelming consider hiring us to manage your Google AdWords

4-19-2014 Roundup: Analytics Troubleshooting, Podcast is Hot, Does Click Here Work?

Weekly Blog Round Up

Our weekly roundup of things clicking on the interwebs in SEO, paid search, web design, social and more.

This week: Analytics Troubleshooting, Podcast is Hot, Does Click Here Work?

Podcasting Is HOT

“In this year’s Infinite Dial report from Edison Research and Triton Digital, there was some good news for podcasting: a 25% bump in the percentage of Americans 12+ who have listened to a podcast in the past month.”
Why this clicks: A podcast is a great way to stay relevant, provide value and give control to client about when to listen to your content. Get some mindshare via their ears.
Article: A Major Shift in Podcast Consumption

Google Announces Analytics Troubleshooting

“Google announced it is launching beta Analytics Diagnostics, but only giving access to a limited number of users for now.”

Why this clicks: For years, business could rely only on analytics professionals or, programmers to troubleshoot their website reporting. Now, those with access to website analytics will get feedback on possible problems and get some pointers on how to fix the issues. This is a huge step forward in giving business users clues for starting the dialog with developers.
Article: Google Analytics Rolls Out Beta Diagnostics For Limited Number Of Users

Do the Words “Click Here” Work?

Does telling someone to click here, work? It’s a great question and this Copyblogger post adds some good information to the dialog. Pointing out that the right combination of anchortext could lift click through 8%+.

Why this clicks: Anything that can increase a visitor’s ability to dig into your content is a great starting point for experimenting on your site. Try it on a PPC landing page and compare to one that doesn’t use it. What are the results?
Article: Does Telling Someone to Click Here, Work?

4-11-2014 RoundUp: AdWords & Twitter Ads

Our weekly roundup of things clicking on the interwebs in SEO, paid search, social and more.

‘Not Provided’ In AdWords Just a Rumor

Google has been cracking down on who can access search query data for several years now in a few ways – enforcing terms of service on how the data may be used, and limiting access to a smaller number of third-party vendors who implement a required minimum functionality (RMF). Basically, in order to have access to the query data, you need to be a legit software company that has built a functioning AdWords management platform.  Article: Rumors of ‘Not Provided’ In AdWords Unfounded: Paid Search Query Data Is Not Dead

New Search Options on Twitter

This week Twitter added few more search filters with searches for Timelines & Lists  Article: Twitter Quietly Adds Search for Timelines & Lists

More Ads Coming to Twitter?

According to the Wall St. Journal, Twitter is planning to rollout at least 15 new types of ads.  Article: Coming to Your Twitter Feed: 15 New Types of Ads