Ello – 5 Quick Things You Should Know


The freshman social media network, Ello is still in beta and invitation only. But, the lab techs here at Why People Click have complied a list of five things you should know.

  1. Ello isn’t Facebook and Facebook isn’t Ello – Ello is stripped down, visually sparse (and for now) ad free.
  2. Ello uses “Markdown” which allows you to format your posts. We think Ello’s use of markdown will hold adoption of the platform to those comfortable with manually marking up their content in someway.
    Some examples: of markdown:
    To create italics, use a single asterix on either side of a block of text, like this:*This text will be italic*
    This text will be italicSurrounding text by two asterix makes text bold:
    **This text will be bold**
    This text will be bold
  3. Ello doesn’t have a like button… but it does have emojis and so far, the ::bread:: emoji has been used to indicate a “like”.
  4. Including an image in your ello post is just a matter of drag & drop. We liked the ease of that feature.
  5. Something we struggled with at first was to complete an update on Ello you press CTRL, then Enter.